What is Worldcon or NASFiC exactly? How are they related?

The World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) is an annual convention held since 1939 (skipping 1942-1945), which gathers fans (and pros) from around the world. Worldcon is also where members vote for the Hugo awards. Worldcon 75 (2017) was held in Helsinki, Finland. Worldcon 77 (2019) will be in Dublin, Ireland. Whenever Worldcon is held off of North America, a North American Science Fiction Convention (NASFiC), is optionally held as well. The NASFiC is an alternative for fans who can’t make it to Worldcon overseas. The location of the NASFiC is determined by members of a Worldcon (or NASFiC) through a voting process. NASFiC 2017 was held in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and the Layton, Utah bid for NASFiC 2019 is being voted on at Worldcon 76 in San Jose, CA.  Currently the only bid for Worldcon 78 (2020) is Wellington, New Zealand. Visit https://nzin2020.nz/ for details.

Our goals in bidding for a NASFic are:

To encourage involvement and growth within the Worldcon community;
To unite the multi-faceted fan communities across the North American continent;
To celebrate the diversity of fandom around the world; and
To invite the world to experience Columbus, Ohio.

You are invited to pre-support our bid and join us as we strive to bring NASFiC to Columbus, Ohio in 2020 where we hope to offer a wide variety of events and programs that will satisfy the many interests of fans around the world. Should Layton, UT, win the NASFiC 2019 vote in August 2018, then our vote will be there; should they not, then it will be in Dublin.


Columbus, Ohio is home to many events that celebrates and highlights interests fans enjoy. There are events that highlight anime, gaming, literature, art, comics, pop culture and media over the course of the year. Columbus hosted the World Fantasy Convention in 2010 and 2016. We feel that the city is ready for a NASFiC and consider it a unique opportunity to gather the genres in one place and throw a big party to celebrate the many facets of fandom.

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